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the simplest Blockchain connector for data tamper-proof

BLOOCK is the new software launched by Enchainté development team.

BLOOCK is a platform for developers that will enable easy coding with SDK and API to record data in Ethereum.

Test it for free and pay as you grow.

Enchainté revolutionizes the blockchain access

Our clients benefit from all the advantages of pure blockchain technology whilst bypassing all of its technical drawbacks. 

Highly scalable

4000+ transactions per second on the Ethereum Mainnet.

Thanks to our cryptographic aggregator and our solid infrastructure any use case fits, no matter the size.

We increase permissionless blockchain throughputs to ease mass adoption.

  Privacy at its finest

Encrypted data to ensure full control.

Our system doesn’t receive nor store any of your information thanks to its undecipherable one-way encryption technology. You are always in control of your data.

With Enchainté, you are the master of your data.

Easy and Simple

80% faster intergration by non-specialized blockchain developers.

We interact with the blockchain for you. Forget about any complexity of dealing with Crypto currencies.

Thanks to our multi-language libraries support , we facilitate integration with your system and eliminate any needles complexity. 

Get up and running in the blink of an eye thanks to Enchainté.

Awarded as a top talented team

Red Cross promotional video

Official government visit

Ceremony welcome talent awards

Represented as the regional blockchain use case

BLOOCK - The blockchain development in Catalunya, Spain

In collaboration with the Catalunya government, BLOOCK – Enchainté’s blockchain solution is featured as the primary case study for the Distributed Ledger Technology.

Published by TIC Catalunya and I2Cat Foundation, the report shows how BLOOCK‘s Ethereum layer 2 solution assists the digital transformation to the decentralized world. Using blockchain technology, we provide the blockchain’s layer of integrity and traceability to ensure data quality as well as security and privacy. The use of data-certified blockchain records allows the legitimacy of digital credentials to be assigned, stored, and controlled, while giving holders full ownership and control over how and with whom certifications are shared.

The backbone for digital trust

For any company hoping to achieve the many promises of blockchain. Enchainté provides the simplest, fastest and safest way to make your project happen. We constantly develop our suite to bring you the best solution so you can avoid risks and difficulties typically associated with the adoption of blockchain technology.


Delivers complete auditability.

Provides enhanced traceability.

Ensures high resilience.

Guarantees absolute security.

The digital source of trust.


Eliminates all of blockchain’s drawbacks.

Reduces the learning curve.

Dramatically lowers costs.

Is an eye opener to your ideal use case.

The gateway to blockchain’s benefits.

Partners who trust in us


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